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A local business loses WiFi and customers start to complain

Lincoln City’s Putt N Bat was doing brisk business back in 2016 and advertised “free WiFi” for customers.

One day the WiFi quit working, with customers coming up to the main desk asking why they couldn’t connect to the Internet. After using the built-in troubleshooter and asking neighbor businesses for help, Putt N Bat’s owners couldn’t pinpoint the problem. Lincoln City Tech was called to fix the problem.

Five minutes later the wireless router was back and happy customers let the owners know they were back online and gave their thanks.

“What was it?” Putt N Bat Owner Dick Davis said.

“Looks like someone pushed the WiFi button on the front of the router,” Lincoln City Tech’s Justin Werner replied. “It disables the router and the button just needed to be pressed again. No charge for this one Mr. Davis.”

“I knew it!” he said. “The little kids were behind the desk getting putters and one of them must have…thank you.”


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